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Wow – I’m pooped!

Not sure when work became home and home became work…   but I seem to be at work ALOT more and at home alot less….   and while I’ve been home I have had tons to clean and put away – I feel like I havent rested in ages…   what I would do for a COLD STONE CREAMERY ic

Barn time…

chillin with my peeps….  ok so I love the camera….  (behind it of course) but you better just let me take my pictures otherwise I might catch you doing something that you might not want caught on camera!

By George I think I’ve got it!

OK – so it took a little bit of play time on here but I think I finally understand how wordpress actually works….   I havent added much because I didnt understand it – I do NOT read directions as a man will not ask for them…   I am the type to sit and think about it – figure it out and perfect it so with that being said I have actually added a thing or too….  and of course one of the most simplest things that I can not figure out is how to set the correct time on my blog page….  Work told me today they are sending me a BLACKBERRY – I can only pray that JIM will pencil me in some time to give me blackberry 101 – I have nooooooooo clue.    

I owe I owe so it’s off to work I go…

Now that I am back to work I feel that I am there more than I am at home.   I missed spending the day with Wendy on her birthday and miss the kids during the day while I’m gone….  with Leapfrog the days didn’t seem as long but with Scholastic – 7 – 7pm are long days…..   They offered me full time…   I sit and ponder everyday what it is that they call me right now?   PART TIME?  Of course the money is good – so the kids get to stay in their activities and NANAIMO can stay out at the barn that he now calls home….   but with the long days I dont get to go to the barn as I use to and would like to.

I’m thinking of starting another bunko group – that is one thing I really enjoy and because it is once a month and at night I might actually get to go to it every once in awhile.

I discovered PRINCE’s hamburgers about 2 weeks ago….  Summer had been talking about it for sometime now to me so of course I had to try it – YEP – It’s good!   Normally when I take my special friends/family out for their birthday – I let them decided where we are going but for Wendy’s birthday I told her we were going to PRINCE’s – thankfully they were ok with that 🙂 that is my new favorite hamburger joint.

Well, I have to get up and go to work again in about 9 hours so I think I might go sit and relax just a bit.

Be safe and leave me some love on here would ya?