Well, this is the eve of our family vacation….  always exhausting for me….   everyone just jumps in the car in the morning and their suitcases arrive fully packed and MOM has all the papers, reservations, snacks, toys, books and magazines that everyone might want and need.   I already need a vacation from my vacation but I am looking forward to seeing Disneyworld thru Caitlyns eyes.   I think I will enjoy Chef Mickeys breakfast the most with her and Parasailing the most for myself.  Parasailing is one of 3 things I have always wanted to do so I will be able to mark that one of my list.    The other 2 I can do here in Texas for sure.   The other 2 are to ride in a hot air balloon.   I go to watch them every year at NASA in the morning and they are just beautiful.   The second is to swim with the whales.   I know that you can do that at Sea World for a good chunk of change…. so for now I will parasail.   Cassandra is the only one that wants to do that as well so maybe just maybe I might have some company and I will be able to honestly say that I will be at the end of my rope!     (Horse humor)

To my adopted family – I wish you were going with me.   I watched the flight prices daily and they elevated EVERYDAY because I was going to buy Bryn a ticket (which I was hoping with a purchased ticket you couldnt say “NO”) but they only went up.  

 Stay posted I will try to figure out how to post pictures while I’m in Florida!



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