Well, it’s official….  I am pooped from my restful vacation.  My Aunt lives by nothing so driving is a must and as most of you know thats what I do alot of driving at home so the last thing I want to do is drive more…  Disney was GREAT thru Caitlyns eyes and what a trooper – we got up at 5:45 to make breakfast at Chef Mickeys at 7am and we left DISNEY at 11:00pm when Caitlyn finally said she was tired but of course not before she got her OFFICIAL pair of Mickey ears.  

We have gone 4x4ing to the alligator pits and swam at the Hilton which was very nice – it was a GREAT resort on the Disney property….  3 pools and a bar and poolside hair wraps…  if was neat.   The hotel had a Disney store inside of the hotel and a STARBUCKS (Summer would appreciate!)  we came back to my Aunts today to rest and we will go back out tomorrow to see what else we can find.  I hope to parasail on Monday.   Redtide was HORRIBLE on Wednesday when we took the kids to the beach so we will see.

Hope everyone is well!



  1. Wendy Said:

    Come Home!!! We miss you all.

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