Wow – I’m pooped!

Not sure when work became home and home became work…   but I seem to be at work ALOT more and at home alot less….   and while I’ve been home I have had tons to clean and put away – I feel like I havent rested in ages…   what I would do for a COLD STONE CREAMERY ic

Barn time…

chillin with my peeps….  ok so I love the camera….  (behind it of course) but you better just let me take my pictures otherwise I might catch you doing something that you might not want caught on camera!

By George I think I’ve got it!

OK – so it took a little bit of play time on here but I think I finally understand how wordpress actually works….   I havent added much because I didnt understand it – I do NOT read directions as a man will not ask for them…   I am the type to sit and think about it – figure it out and perfect it so with that being said I have actually added a thing or too….  and of course one of the most simplest things that I can not figure out is how to set the correct time on my blog page….  Work told me today they are sending me a BLACKBERRY – I can only pray that JIM will pencil me in some time to give me blackberry 101 – I have nooooooooo clue.    

I owe I owe so it’s off to work I go…

Now that I am back to work I feel that I am there more than I am at home.   I missed spending the day with Wendy on her birthday and miss the kids during the day while I’m gone….  with Leapfrog the days didn’t seem as long but with Scholastic – 7 – 7pm are long days…..   They offered me full time…   I sit and ponder everyday what it is that they call me right now?   PART TIME?  Of course the money is good – so the kids get to stay in their activities and NANAIMO can stay out at the barn that he now calls home….   but with the long days I dont get to go to the barn as I use to and would like to.

I’m thinking of starting another bunko group – that is one thing I really enjoy and because it is once a month and at night I might actually get to go to it every once in awhile.

I discovered PRINCE’s hamburgers about 2 weeks ago….  Summer had been talking about it for sometime now to me so of course I had to try it – YEP – It’s good!   Normally when I take my special friends/family out for their birthday – I let them decided where we are going but for Wendy’s birthday I told her we were going to PRINCE’s – thankfully they were ok with that 🙂 that is my new favorite hamburger joint.

Well, I have to get up and go to work again in about 9 hours so I think I might go sit and relax just a bit.

Be safe and leave me some love on here would ya? 

Home at last!

Home at last – Home at last thank God I am home at last!   It was a nice vacation but even nicer feeling coming home to my own bed and no laundry!   It’s the little things that excites me 🙂   I got to see Wendy and Bryn and I heard Caitlyn speaking to Summer so everyone is happy 🙂 

I have a question for you bloggers…  how do I show your names on my side column as visitors?   I just realized on my trip this week that unless I push the “PUBLISH” button you can not read what I blogged… thats why the delay in my posts…

I will have parasailing pictures tomorrow and hope to post them!

Glad to be home!


Shelby and Bryn


Well, it’s official….  I am pooped from my restful vacation.  My Aunt lives by nothing so driving is a must and as most of you know thats what I do alot of driving at home so the last thing I want to do is drive more…  Disney was GREAT thru Caitlyns eyes and what a trooper – we got up at 5:45 to make breakfast at Chef Mickeys at 7am and we left DISNEY at 11:00pm when Caitlyn finally said she was tired but of course not before she got her OFFICIAL pair of Mickey ears.  

We have gone 4x4ing to the alligator pits and swam at the Hilton which was very nice – it was a GREAT resort on the Disney property….  3 pools and a bar and poolside hair wraps…  if was neat.   The hotel had a Disney store inside of the hotel and a STARBUCKS (Summer would appreciate!)  we came back to my Aunts today to rest and we will go back out tomorrow to see what else we can find.  I hope to parasail on Monday.   Redtide was HORRIBLE on Wednesday when we took the kids to the beach so we will see.

Hope everyone is well!


Well, this is the eve of our family vacation….  always exhausting for me….   everyone just jumps in the car in the morning and their suitcases arrive fully packed and MOM has all the papers, reservations, snacks, toys, books and magazines that everyone might want and need.   I already need a vacation from my vacation but I am looking forward to seeing Disneyworld thru Caitlyns eyes.   I think I will enjoy Chef Mickeys breakfast the most with her and Parasailing the most for myself.  Parasailing is one of 3 things I have always wanted to do so I will be able to mark that one of my list.    The other 2 I can do here in Texas for sure.   The other 2 are to ride in a hot air balloon.   I go to watch them every year at NASA in the morning and they are just beautiful.   The second is to swim with the whales.   I know that you can do that at Sea World for a good chunk of change…. so for now I will parasail.   Cassandra is the only one that wants to do that as well so maybe just maybe I might have some company and I will be able to honestly say that I will be at the end of my rope!     (Horse humor)

To my adopted family – I wish you were going with me.   I watched the flight prices daily and they elevated EVERYDAY because I was going to buy Bryn a ticket (which I was hoping with a purchased ticket you couldnt say “NO”) but they only went up.  

 Stay posted I will try to figure out how to post pictures while I’m in Florida!


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